We dream of a church: 

  • that has deep roots but no walls 
  • that welcomes children 
  • that expects and embraces change 
  • that throws parties as parables 
  • that gathers up the fragments of our lives 
  • that is an extension of family 
  • that finds God in surprising places 
  • that is organic and grassroots 
  • that believes the questions are as important as the answers 
  • that walks in the footsteps of Christ 
  • that sees and serves Christ in the poor 
  • that works for peace and lives it 
  • that seeks justice and loves the enemy 
  • that cares for creation 
  • that embraces simplicity 
  • that welcomes the stranger 
  • that makes eucharist our center and our edge 
  • that hears a living word in scripture 
  • that offers interactive sermons 
  • that welcomes honest lament 
  • that celebrates art and beauty 
  • that is both ancient and future 
  • that is both relevant and resistant 
  • that is both traditional and progressive 
  • that is unfinished and fluid 
  • that takes risks and admits mistakes 
  • that will not be held back by fear